In order to manufacture e.g. To remain competitive, it is necessary to reduce personnel costs through a higher level of automation in production.

We supply this automation in the area of general cargo and bulk goods, so that automatic loading and automatic parts removal take place. Our systems enable unmanned production of serial parts without the creation of large rejects.



Dosing and charging systems are additional devices for screw presses and thread rolling and cutting machines. They serve as a buffer for quality control before decanting into large containers. The system enables a longer absence of the machine operator, who can operate and set up several machines at the same time (ghost shift, unmanned shift). The division of production into batches reduces the amount of parts to be scrapped in the event of missing parts. B. by tool breakage. The automatic dosing units are often delivered in a package with a controlled conveyor belt and a buffer store.



Feeding systems enable bulk parts to be fed from large standard containers or machines upstream in the process to the next production machine (e.g. in a spiral conveyor), sorting systems, 100% testing systems, automatic threading machines, automatic assembly machines, furnace systems and packaging systems.