Since the degree of automation in industry keeps increasing, the need to implement conveyor technology keeps increasing as well. In order to transfer products from one place to another within the production plants, different conveyor and handling systems are combinded to make sure that all machines are supplied at all times.This essentially involves the transport of bulk goods (pallets, boxes, packages or work pieces) and loose materials (such as nuts, screws, washers, swarfs, sheet metal scrap, etc).

In order to keep the flow of your materials going, we offer you a broad spectrum of conveyor and handling devices. We will make sure to come up with individual solutions, meeting your requirements.



When manufacturing our conveyor belts, we take several aspects of the goods to be transported into consideration. Not only do we look at the material carefully, but also its temperature, size and shape. Then we come up with a solution, tailored to suit your need. It is our goal to make sure we grant a safe and efficient delivery of your goods from one place to another.



Linear conveyor belts serve the purpose to move small loose metall pieces forward, using vibration. By doing so, oil, swarfs, and other foreign particles sticking to the pieces because of the production process will separate and fall off.